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If married, don’t drive at divorce speeds Road sign in India
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Incredible India : Chennai, Tirupati , Rameshwaram (Day 1 - 3)

So we set off from singapore with a real excited feeling. At the chennai airport we were so shocked as all the staff were wearing sarees and the clothes we usually only wear on Deepavali in Malaysia xD

So our tour guide picked us up, our transport wasn’t a van nor a car,..more of a hybrid. They call it the Tempo. They look normal but as our journey in india drags on, MAN CAN THESE THINGS TAKE A REAL BEATING! so next was an hour ride through the rainy town of Chennai then we hit the highway for another 4 hours to tirupati. On the road u realise that HONKING is like a form of communication in India! HONKS FOR FOUR HOURS! and the size pf the potholes were the size of small kiddy pools with the depth of up to knee height. the sights were amazing..too amazing and too damn many to put into words. The people’s way of life there is amazing!

we reached our hotel in the early evening got dressed quick and headed off to tirupati. The journey up the mountain was SPECTACULAR! the sights off the ridge of the mountain made us want to stop every 100 meters. Soon the temperature dropped and the pressure made our ears pop.

Camears and Phones arent allowed in so yea i have no pics of the area but the journey up the mountain i do have. In tirupati we waited 3 hours just to see the famous temple which is the RICHEST Hindu temple known. The statues were practically covered in solid gold, The fog was so thick that u could only see 10 ft in front of you! Tired, we journeyed back to hotel at around india, even at 6:30 p.m. it feels like the time is way past 9. weird….. so reached our hotel, had a hearty supper and headed to bed.

The next day we travelled to some saree shops which offered DIRT CHEAP prices. Designer sarees that cost up to RM1,100 in M’sia only cost rm189   O_O well i just had fun snapping pictures of my bored Dad  Uncle.

The next stop was the Chennai Train Station where we to board the Chennai Express haha! well, we were in for a shock, about 15km away from chennai, the traffic was EXTREME. Jams were kilometres long so we had no choice to rush to the next stop and await our train there. down and up some pretty tough rural roads that our guide told us to pack our camears and valuables as locals might rush the Tempo.

we got there just in time as the train arrived and well bags were the problem but we pushed n shoved and got there. problem was, we though we had got on the right carriage, turned out, we were at the opposite end ==* so down the narrow path from carriage to carriage past many angry passengers and the train was superrrr shaky at first. We got to our cabin and spent the night talking and laughing as well as mixing with the other cabin mates. Then we got to our bunks and slept the night away as we had to get off at 4am.

next morning we headed to our hotel and dropped our things off and changed to simple clothes, At rameshwaram, you are washed at 22 wells as well as a dip in the sea. After u finish, u are to leave  every item of clothing in the temple..they were to be used for the poor. We got there at closing time..but with a little help from the Gandhi on paper ;) we got our way into the temple and weren’t hassled by ANY CROWD AS THEY HAD ALL LEFT…the experience was wonderful and amazing..the temple itself was magnificent..the 80 meter corridors with a height of about 17 feet were amazing. No words to describe it. None at all. 

So yea, now i’m back at the hoteland typing this while the rest freshen up and have a break. i can’t imagine what’s next.

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